Connecticon 2011

Went to my first convention yesterday. A friend was able to get me and my brother some discounted passes, so we drove out to Connecticon.

It was a good time. I picked up some cool stuff, saw some friends that I haven’t seen in a while and saw some awesome costumes/cosplay.

Then I met Yuko and Ananth from Johnny Wander. It was kinda surreal, I was this close (insert appropriate hand gesture) to geeking/nerding out. They were really chill. I bought Johnny Wander vol. 1 from their booth and they signed it after Yuko personalized the art on the first page for me. Made my day.

I’m definitely gonna make more of an effort to go to more conventions now (so long as I’m not flat broke at the time).

We snapped a few shots of some of our favorite costumes, I’ll post them in a bit.


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